Wine in Demijohns

Every year, Lusenti continues the tradition of "demijohns." For my father Nino, the founder of Lusenti, this represented a quest for quality outside the consumerist system. It is an ancient practice that allows consumers to buy the raw product directly from the producer, ensuring a high level of process transparency.

“The barrels are opened” it's a term my father used when snapping up the first day of selling bulk wine. Anna, his wife and my mother prepared the cotechini with fresh bread, while my sisters and I were in charge of filling enormous demijohns. It was a party for everyone.

Today, my company still supports this archaic tradition, for two main reasons: I want to pass on this family practice and I want my wine not to be elitist. I believe that the alliance between consumers and producers creates the co-producer. And it is thanks to this synergy that I draw the strength to continue on this slow winemaking journey.


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