“For the work I do, I have often dined in the homes of great lords, and I assure you: I have eaten terribly. In small villages, I have had the chance to rub a bit of fresh garlic on a slice of genuine bread with some olive oil, accompanied by a glass of Barbera, and... well, I have dined in the homes of billionaires and eaten poorly; I have dined in the homes of poor people and eaten magnificently”

Mario Soldati

When my sister asked me to draft this paragraph, I took my time. I took my time because it’s hard for me to pin down a single production philosophy. I firmly believe that Lusenti is in constant evolution, but above all, in continuous pursuit. I, Martina, joined the company in 2017, at which point the foundations were already laid. My mother had created a solid and profitable business: 20 hectares of vineyard completely converted to organic and a venture with a young and strong beginning. In 2009, she started making the first single-variety, cloudy, bottle-fermented wines. Sacrilege! Our Emiliana was widely talked about and considered by the people of Piacenza as a “well-executed novelty". Bottle-fermented wines already existed, but in the 2000s, companies preferred to produce wines using the Charmat method, which was cleaner and clearer.

She went against the tide, bottling a fragrant and cloudy elixir.
Going against the tide is a gift in our family, and I, too, am “afflicted” by it. It’s no accident that I am my mother’s daughter. When I started participating in the company project, I had quite a few creative oenological ideas. The recovery of what has been “abandoned” has always fascinated me. So why not focus on vineyards considered old? Why not use stoneware amphorae?
Why not expand our selection of bottle-fermented wines? There is still a lot of work to do, many goals we wish to achieve, and many paths to choose from. However, we hope to combine the experiences of the past with the dreams of the present to create the wines of the future. After all, we are Lusenti, and we like to go against the tide. 

Two Distinct Lines, Connected to Each Other

In 2023, my mother Lodovica and I, Martina, decided to split the Lusenti label into two parts to provide more clarity for our customers. Heraclitus’s words capture the motivation behind this project better than I can. He believed that reality is composed of opposite elements; no element exists without its opposite, and each defines the other, making them inextricably linked and dependent on one another. So yes, the two lines are distinct and separate, but they coexist because they are interconnected. The line I call more "experimental" best reflects my personal vision of wine.

It is contemporary, pop, and evokes the image of sipping a fresh bottle by the sea at sunset, surrounded by happy friends and an infectious soundtrack. In contrast, the other line represents the enological journey followed and studied by my mother, Lodovica. This approach is more traditional, wise, and reflective—a drink suitable for everyday life that harkens back to our roots. Imagine it as a moment spent in front of the fireplace, dressed elegantly, enjoying pleasant conversation accompanied by the notes of a jazz song.



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