A sip of my wine…A journey through my land

disegno-bottigliadisegno-uvaMy life is the total involvement in following
a project.
A project based on passion, quality, total respect of nature and the authenticity of the wine.

A wine that must respect the grape variety it comes from and the vintage in which it was created.
Only in this way can my wine last, firstly in people’s memory and then in the cellar, if you decide to lay it down.
My wine is the fruit of the generations that came before me and the land in which I live, the Val Tidone.
My valley has been ideal vineyard terrain for centuries, its hills are completely covered in woods and vines. However it is a land full of contradictions, it has a lot of potential but also a lot to improve.
The continuous exchanges with the many winegrowing friends in my area, my country and all over the world, have made me understand that only through safeguarding the environment is it possible to maintain our heritage of values and unique, one-off products.
Only by going down this road is it possible for me to look to the future with confidence, though realising at the same time that it will be hard for me.
For this reason, I have committed myself to improving my land, the Val Tidone.
Today I am not looking for the best, or rather those wines that respond to a ready-made model. It would be like taking something away from the aromas and flavours of my land.
Today I work the grapes by respecting them. I want the wine that comes out of my cellar to have traces of my soul as well as my land.

I want my wine to be remembered and to give the drinker the thrill of a journey, a journey through my world and the life of my land.