Gutturnio “Tournesol”

Designation: Colli Piacentini DOC (Controlled Designation of Origin)

Wine style: Sparkling dry red Traditional method – Second fermentation in bottle

Grape variety: 60% Barbera – 40% Croatina from certified organic grapes

Production area: Travo (PC) – Val Trebbia

Training system: Simple Guyot – planting density 4000 vines/ha – yield 7 tons/ha

Harvest period: From 20th September to 5th October

Vinification, ageing and maturation: Towards the end of September we harvest the Barbera and Croatina grapes separately in crates. The grapes are destemmed and crushed without the addition of potassium metabiosulphite or selected yeasts. The must is left in contact with the skins for several days. The wine obtained matures for about 6 months in steel vats, without filtration, clarification or cooling. After this, the wine, with residual sugar, is bottled and closed with a crown cap. The bottles are laid down horizontally in the cellar where second fermentation takes places, after 7 months and riddling, the bottles are disgorged and closed with a cork. The bottles are released after a few months.

Alcohol content: 13% vol.

Colour: From inky red to aubergine-purple red; with clean and clear highlights ranging from ruby red to cardinal red

Serving temperature: 14/15 C°

Food matching: Emilian cuisine in general: cured meats, omelettes, pasta with tomato sauce, mushroom sauce or meat sauce, full-flavoured soft cheeses.

First year of production: 2007