Chardonnay “Rorippa”

Designation: White wine

Wine style: Macerated Still White Wine

Grape variety: 90% Chardonnay 10% Malvasia di Candia Aromatica – Top quality organic grapes

Production area: Alta Val Tidone – northeastern exposure

Soil: Clay-silt with calcareous streaks – Altitude 320 m a.s.l.

Training system: Simple Guyot – yield 5-6 tons/ha

Harvest period: From 07th to 15th September

Vinification: Rorippa 2021 is considered an “experimental” project seen that in 2017 Martina’s grandfather Nino gifted her an abandoned vineyard. From this point, a reconstructional, but non a denaturalisational of the sixty-years old vines began. The vineyard is located in a particularly windy area, but still repaired by trees and bushes. For this reason, it was not necessary an intervention to oppose illnesses by means of products that are against the phylosophy of our company. After the harvest period, the grapes get destemmed and they are left in maceration for 6 months in amphoras. In this way, the most characteristical notes of the grapes get extracted. Finelly, “Rorippa” gets imbottled only when we feel like it is ready to undertake a journey to your tables.

Alcohol content: 12% vol.

Colour: Amber Yellow

Serving temperature: 13/15 C°

First year of production: 2019