The Winery

azienda grandeThe Lusenti Winery is in Vicobarone, near Ziano Piacentino, in the Val Tidone. The history of the winery began at the beginning of the nineteen hundreds when my grandfather Pietro bought the first farm for growing table grapes. In the 1960s my father Gaetano bought other land and planted vineyards that still produce excellent wine grapes today.
I am the youngest of Gaetano’s three daughters. My sisters decided to go in different directions. I have stayed in the winery and am married to Giuseppe. Together we decided to dedicate ourselves to looking after the vineyards.

azienda-mano-150x150It wasn’t an immediate decision. When you are young you don’t always understand what the right choice is for you, then life changes you. There were two factors in this change: firstly contact with nature, which speaks to you if you learn how to respect it and which teaches you the rhythm of life in the alternating of the seasons. Then there are the many friends that share your passions.
Nature and friends prepare you to reach new heights and to move the aims that you want to reach further afield.
Today the winery is ideally a junction between past and present, between the wines that make up part of our tradition and the wines created from decisions made in the early 1990s.
However, there is still a long way to go, although it seems though that we have lost those inferiority complexes that hit you when faced with the titanic experience of the world of wine. Today with peaceful pride, we only produce wines from our own grape varieties: Bonarda, Malvasia di Candia aromatica and Ortrugo. It is our wealth of flavours and experience that the consumer has the chance to take away with them.
Coming to the Lusenti winery is like coming home. The winery maybe medium-sized, but the welcome is that of a small family, busy with the wine and the work in the vineyard that produces it. Guests are always welcome here and there is always someone ready to welcome you.