Sparkling Red Wines

When you think of wines from Piacenza, sparkling reds wines spring to mind.

In 2021 we chose to try the vinification of Barbera as sparkling wine, as it is the wine that mirrors the most the Emilian sparkling, which is the one that through its simplicity represents the artigianal wine, the old and natural one that we used to drink everyday, the daily wine. Even though, it does also represent the perfect wine for a fresh aperitif in the summer with some of the tipical salumi piacentini.

A Barbera macerated on its skin for a week, after the racking it’s fermented in a tank made out of concrete. It’s a fresh wine, with a saline end that reminds of… “Mare d’Inverno”.

In Sparklink Red Wines

Naturally rifermented Barbera “Mare d’Inverno”

In Sparklink Red Wines

Naturally re-fermented Barbera “CIAOMARE”