Sparkling wine, cheer in a glass

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Natura Frizz is the brand that distinguishes Lusenti sparkling wines. Sparkling wine is typical of this area with its lively, free spirit and a hint of folly. Sparkling wine is innate and spontaneous, but not artificial. Unlike “carbonated”, which is the transformation from still to explosive and chaotic.
Emilia Romagna is traditionally the homeland of sparkling wines and our winery wants to pay homage to the wine and food tradition in this area. We believe in it and try to keep it intact and recognisable through the aromas and flavours of the grapes. In Piacenza, sparkling wines traditionally undergo second fermentation in bottle in spring, thanks to native yeasts, and the fructose turns into carbon dioxide and alcohol. Sparkling wine can be drunk all through a meal and it adds a lightness to slightly greasy dishes. The fruity aromas of the red wines and the flowery aromas of the white wines are reminiscent of the countryside, woods and a bouquet of flowers. When we uncork the bottle, as if by magic, first of all we hear the pop, then we see the froth rise in the glass and watch it settle as slowly as an autumn leaf. The sparkle of the bubbles puts you in the party mood, it doesn’t matter if the place you are in is regal or frugal. You can also drink our sparkling wine standing up eating a sandwich, because it is never too full-bodied. This is a good time to understand the cheer of life.

Lodovica Lusenti