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The province where Lusenti is located, Piacenza, is close to the major cities of Northern Italy, yet it remains relatively unknown. This factor keeps it largely untouched by tourism and unfamiliar to most explorers, preserving its natural beauty. However, we, the locals of this land, are delighted to welcome you if you appreciate a slow, rustic lifestyle that respects the surrounding nature. But that's not all... Piacenza is also perfect for the more adventurous! We can guide you to trekking routes, mountain biking trails, or horseback riding paths.

territorial identity

The founder of Lusenti was named Gaetano, the founder of Lusenti, before passing away, left a notebook where he wrote all his thoughts: what he had to buy and all the appointments he made with the agronomists. I will never be able to forget one of these pages, On April 25, 1984, he noted:
Grapes have color, taste, aroma. All this is given by light and heat which transforms into matter and gives quality to the grapes. 

Then, man intervenes with his knowledge and sensibility. Man enters the vineyard and tries to understand the plants, each of which expresses itself differently.

Understanding a plant is like knowing a person because every action you take on it produces a reaction. This reaction, if positive, allows us to understand how to move forward, make it grow and enjoy its maturity.”
Gaetano had a simple life, but he saw the work in the fields as a form of art. In short, he was a forerunner of a concept of 

Nature that is sincere and generous. A nature that does not need hypocrisy or words, and even less, labels, like art, if it is true and heartfelt. From this philosophy, Lusenti has always shunned pretense and has chosen a path of cultivation that goes beyond organic, absolutely respectful of Nature.

Today, our company spans 20 hectares of vineyard completely converted to organic since 2011. We prefer native grape varieties such as Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, Ortrugo, Barbera, and Bonarda to best enhance our unique terroir. Our soils are predominantly clayey, with some calcareous plots, and are strategically located where the sun ensures good grape maturation during the summer.

Our soils are purely clayey, with some limestone plots and are strategically located, where the sun guarantees good ripening of the grapes during the summer. For us, a sip of our wine should be a journey through our land.

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