How to reach us

Why miss the chance of seeing us at work, of seeing the vineyard and how we cultivate it, of understanding how wine is made?
You can taste our wines with us. You can take home not only your favourite wines, but our advice on how to enjoy them to the full, which dishes to serve them with, how and how long to keep them.
Another reason is to enjoy a day in the country, surrounded by greenery and the splendid natural panoramas of the Val Tidone.


How to reach us by car

Case Piccioni is very easy to get to, first of all go to Castelsangiovanni, either coming off the A21 Torino-Piacenza-Brescia motorway at the Castelsangiovanni exit or coming along via Emilia Pavese that connects Piacenza and Voghera.

Once you get to Castelsangiovanni, take the Val Tidone towards Borgonovo, where you will come to a crossroads with traffic lights in the centre of the village. Turn right and head for Ziano Piacentino.

Go through the village and follow the signs for Vicobarone. Just before Vicobarone you will find indications for LUSENTI on your right. Go down the small road for about 500 metres and you will see our winery on your left.