“Due to the work I do, I have often dined in the homes of great lords and I assure you: I ate terribly. In small villages I happened to rub a little fresh garlic on a slice of genuine bread with some olive oil, accompanied by a glass of Barbera and... in short, I ate in the homes of billionaires and I ate badly, I I ate in poor people's homes and I ate magnificently"

Mario Soldati

When my sister asked me to draft this paragraph, I took my time. I took my time, because I struggle to focus on a single production philosophy, I strongly think that Lusenti is constantly evolving, but above all continuously research. I, Martina, joined the company in 2017, at that time the game was practically already done... My mother created a solid and profitable company: 20 hectares of vineyard completely converted to organic and an activity with a young and strong incipit. In 2009, she began making the first cloudy single-variety refermented wines in bottles. Sacrilege! There was a lot of talk about our Emiliana, who was considered by the people of Piacenza to be one “successful novelty”. Refermented wines already existed, except that in the 2000s companies preferred to produce wines with the Charmat method, which was cleaner and clearer.

She went against the grain, putting a fragrant, murky elixir into a bottle.
Going against the grain is a gift from our family, and I too am “affected” by it. Not by chance, I am my mother's daughter. When I started taking part in the company project I had very creative winemaking ideas. The recovery of what has been "abandoned" has always attracted me. So why not focus on vineyards considered old? Why not use stoneware amphorae? Why not expand our selection of refermented products?
There is still a lot of work to do, many goals we want to achieve and many paths to choose from. However, we hope to being able to combine the experiences of the past with the dreams of the present to create the wines of the future. After all, we are Lusenti, we like to go against the grain. 


In 2023, Martina, I, and my mother, Lodovica, decided to divide the Lusenti label line into two parts, to make more clarity to the end customer. The words of Heraclitus can explain the motivation behind this project better than me. He claimed that reality is made up of opposite elements, there is no element that does not have its opposite; one determines the existence of the other, therefore they are inextricably linked and dependent on each other. So, yes, the two lines are different and divided, but they coexist by being linked. The line that I define the most "experimental" best reflects my personal vision on wine.

It's contemporary, pop, and evokes the image of sipping a cold bottle by the sea, at sunset, surrounded by happy friends and a rousing soundtrack. In contrast, the other line represents the winemaking path followed and studied by my mother, Lodovica. This is a plus approach traditional, wise and thoughtful, a drink suitable for everyday life that recalls our roots. Imagine it as a moment spent in front of the fireplace, dressed elegantly, while enjoying a pleasant conversation accompanied by the notes of a jazz song.



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